These are just a few pictures that we took this year for Mardi Gras in New Orleans. We went as the cast of Austin Powers, complete with a Mini-Me Doll and a life-size cardboard cutout of the man himself! We even had laminated spy ID cards, and our very own licenses to SHAG! We also made extra shag licenses to hand out to the people that we thought deserved them. Most of the people in these photos were lucky enough to get one.
Groovy Baby!
Groovy Baby!
happy people
Happy People
Yeah Baby Yeah!
Yeah Baby Yeah!
Is that...  Mother Theresa?
Is that...Mother Theresa?
Bead Virgin
Bead Virgin
Time for a Bath...
Need a bath?
King and Queen of ...?
King and Queen of...?
Shaken, not stirred...
Shaken, not stirred
Put your beer goggles on!
I ate a baby!
Where'd you get that fly afro?
These ARE ducks right?
Cats?  On Bourbon?
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